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¿Qué diferencias existen entre las rodilleras CTi y otras rodilleras del mercado?

Cada rodillera de ligamentos CTi (C de Carbono, Ti de Titenio) esta cuidadosamente hecha a mano en USA. Las rodilleras de fibra de carbono están fabricadas a medida para que coincida con las proporciones correctas de la parte superior e inferior de la pierna con el fin de apoyar la articulación de la rodilla correctamente.

  • Össur (frabicante de CTi ) garantiza el chasis y las bisagras de sus rodillers CTi Custom de por vida y las rodilleras CTi OTS, el chasis y las bisagras, por un periodo de dos años, por defectos de fabricación.

  • The way CTi is secured to the leg: the human leg has a lot of muscle mass, and that mass constantly shifts around during exercise as the muscle flex and extends. While the calf fluctuates more during this process than any other muscle on the leg, the muscles on the front of the tibia hardly move at all. This is the place where the CTi is locked into position with a rigid piece that wraps around the shin.

  • CTi knee braces are designed with the fundamental bracing theory of a rigid frame design. We strongly believe that a rigid frame design is necessary for proper knee control. The rigid system provides brace-to-bone contact, without bending or deflecting, to maintain femur-tibial alignment.

  • The Accutrac hinge system, which is based on polycentric knee movement. Just as the knee does not have a solitary axis, the Accutrac hinge has multiple points too, which, as the name implies, accurately tracks the movements of the knee.

  • Sensil® padding, developed by Össur’s prosthetic division. This proprietary silicone material is skin friendly, breathable and remains secure even under heavy exertion.

Why custom bracing?

A precise fit means a more effective brace: legs come in all shapes and sizes and it is important that a knee brace fits comfortably and stays in position, no matter what the activity level of the patient. A brace has to produce a significant amount of force in order to stabilize an unstable knee or to unload a damaged knee compartment and in order to achieve this, the knee brace must fit perfectly and stay in position at all times. By taking no less than 23 different measurements of the leg, CTi Custom braces account for subtle leg nuances, providing a brace that is truly individual with a problem-free fit, regardless of leg shape, size, or alignment. A broad scope of corrective adjustments is also available with CTi Custom made knee braces.

Comfort, fit and function. Whatever your needs, nothing beats the intimate fit, comfort and security of a CTi Custom-made knee brace. 

What are the main differences between a CTi Custom and a CTi Off-the-shelf (OTS) brace?

The CTi Custom is hand-crafted to its owner's exact measurements and takes about three weeks from the time your measurements are taken to being ready for fitment. The CTi OTS is a patient-ready brace and available immediately in a variety of sizes as it is often stocked in CTi Expertise Centres.

The CTi Custom has two extra lateral arms for extra stability, because having the patient’s exact measurements allow us to manufacture a brace with a more intimate fit and a larger contact area to the leg.

The CTi Custom comes with a lifetime warranty whilst the CTi OTS comes with a two year warranty on the frame and hinge (still the best in the business).